One Piece Card Game - Zoro and Sanji- ST12 Starter Deck - EN

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Naziv artikla: One Piece Card Game Zoro and Sanji- ST12 Starter Deck - EN

This deck is made up entirely of new cards and centers on two beloved characters, Zoro and Sanji! It also features many popular and minor characters familiar to the two pirates!

Introducing a new green-blue Leader card, “Zoro x Sanji”! As the first hybrid Leader, this card opens the scope for new approaches to gameplay.

The green and blue cards featured in this pack have perfect synergy with the booster pack released in the same month! Combine both packs to broaden the range of available strategies.

Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
DON!! Cards x10
Playsheet x1

Configuration: Each Display includes 6 Starter Decks

Datum Izlaska: 15.03.2024

Okvirni datum na stanju u prodavnici: 14.03.2024

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